1.  Beware – There may be cussing, inappropirate language, bitterness, bad mood days, good mood days, angry days, sad days, I don’t know days, and plain old nothing days.  So please don’t be offended.

2.  Be kind.

3.  Share – IF is a silent journey because many people, myself included, don’t really want to share this crap with friends or family.  It seems as though the less they know, the better off they are in my eyes and are held to a lesser standard.  The more they know the higher the standard and the higher the failer rate.  I think only another IVF’er is going to get that.  Back to my point, share, because the catch with silence is people don’t think IF is a serious deal.  Which means the state offers no assistance or coverage and we are stuck leveraging our retirements to start a fmamily.  Not cool.  So write your local congresswoman or man, join IF organizations and share with those you are comfortable with to help spread the word that IF is a big deal in more ways than one.

4.  Secular – My page is religion neutral meaning this, if you want to say “gosh this day sucks” or “god only knows”, I’m ok with that.  However, if you want to preach to me about how “god has a plan” and all the other bull crap that goes with that statement, DON’T.  No offense, but please be respectful and go somewhere else if preaching is your cup of tea.


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