Go with your gut

There are so many parenting books out there it’s amazing any of us survived when we were kids. I have to admit I fell prey to a lot of them when I was pregnant. Now that I’m not, I have no time whatsoever to read them and I’m ok with that. Why? Because being a mom is innate. When a dog has puppies, she doesn’t go and read a book on how to care for them, so why do I need one. I’m sick of the competition going around about whose method is best or whose kid is better at sleeping through the night. I mean who cares. Honestly, I will be sad when my son starts sleeping 12 hours straight because I won’t get to cuddle with him every 4 -6 hours. And I’m ok nursing my son to sleep even though all the stupid books and articles that bombard my email box say don’t do it. And that’s because my gut says its ok. My gut says its ok for my son to snuggle in bed with me 4 am too. I love sleeping next to my husband so why wouldn’t my baby want to sleep next to me. So go with your gut. The end.


Twinkie Diet

The first week I was back at work I was getting what I thought was a ton of milk.  I was so happy.  Then the strangest thing happened, my son started to actually take a bottle and drinking all his milk.  So that nice 9 ounces of milk I would tote home with me at the end of the day was not enough.  Turns out he wants 12-14 ounces a day.  Yikes.

At first I started to pump more often, which only helped a little.  I was starting to stress and was becoming exhausted trying to keep up which I know did not help the situation so I had to take drastic measures.  I added Twinkies to my diet.  Yes Twinkies.  And wouldn’t you know, that did the trick :-).  Ok I think the real culprit was the fact that I was working so hard and I was not eating enough calories to keep up with his demand.  In addition to my Twinkie diet, I also starting taking Fenugreek.  However, this did not work out as well as the Twinkies.  I started producing too much milk again and now his poop was turning green from too much foremilk.  Then he sporadically started breaking out in hives which after doing some research, can be caused by the Fenugreek.  Low and behold, once I cut back on the dosage, his hives stopped.  Weird huh :-).  THEN I started spotting ever so lightly.  Upon even further research, I found that Fenugreek can cause your menstrual cycle to start.  WTF.  I do not want that.  So needless to say, Fenugreek, although it did increase my supply, was not my solution.  In the end, the Twinkies won.  Yeah!!

Side note, I have since given up the Twinkies but have added in other good high fat foods which also seem to be working.  I just really wanted Twinkies that week and it was a great excuse to eat them :-).  ANd my spotting stopped and no period.  Whew.

Pumping at Work

I’m going to go ahead and say I am proud of myself.  4 months in, 5 weeks back at work and I am still exclusively providing my son with breast milk.  I know that I am very lucky to be able to do this.  My goal was one year so I am hoping to get that far as it is a tedious task.  Worth it but tedious.

I know that I am even more fortunate to have a private office, with blinds installed over every window for privacy.  I ran into a woman in the bathroom who was washing out pump parts.  I striked up a conversation and found out that she has to pump in the bathroom.  YUCK!  How uncomfortable and gross.  I felt so bad.  I really want to share my office but I can’t.  So, I did the next best thing and contacted management and insisted they at least put a chair in the big stall for the woman.  I mean, she either has to sit on the floor or on the toilet seat.  That is not ok. 

3 ounces down, 11 to go.  I swear my whole days revolves around getting my 14 ounces of pumped milk.  Everything else is one big blur.


So I read this book a friend told me about and as I’m reading it i thought holy shit, that’s how my brain funtions. Except I don’t write entirely what I’m thinking for fear of boring those around me and sounding like a total scatter brain and although i have this blog, im still a very private person. But you know what, I liked it. Matbe it’s because it reminded me of my brain, no I’m not as messed up as this author, not like there is anything wrong with that, but more in regards to the actual style. It was fun to read and very personal but private. I know that doesn’t make sense.

Day Care

I just found this post I wrote back in April right after going back to work.  Totally forgot to post it!!  I blame it on the lack of sleep.

My overall feeling 4 weeks in:

1.  It’s not that bad.  Although I miss my little man terribly, he seems happy when I drop him off and pick him up so I can’t complain.

2. Even though they somehow managed to snap his ear lobe in with his bib (yeah I thought wth too), they still take great care of him.  At least they didn’t “accidentally” pierce his ear.

3.  He is actually making friends if that is possible at this age.

4.  I feel comfortable with the care he is receiving.

5.  I hope he gets into a routine.

Part of me still wishes I could stay at home full-time with him but another part of me is ok that I went back to work.

4 months

Well my little guy is now 4 months old as of last Sunday.  Holy cow.  This morning I pleaded with him to stop growing but he just stared at me like I was crazy.  Oh well, there’s always tomorrow.

It is amazing how fast time is going now.  When I was pregnant, it could not go fast enough.  It seemed like my pregnancy dragged on FOREVER!!!  Now that I have this wonderful little creature in my arms, he’s slowly becoming his own little person and will no longer need his mommy to wipe away the crocodile tears that formed at 3am because mommy took too long to change his diaper and doesn’t she know he is STARVING.

I am blessed with such a good baby.  I love him more and more everyday if that is even possible.

The Joy of Pumping

First, let me start off by saying I feel like a cow.  Not because I still have a few pounds to lose or because now I am sporting a pooch or because I am eating like one but because I sit at work multiple times a day with pump equipment attached to my udders, I mean teats, I mean breasts. 

Second, they should make a book much like the Joy of Cooking but about pumping.  It should contain stories of what women have gone though while pumping.  I have a feeling it would be a pretty funny book.  Maybe this book already exists  but I don’t have time to find out or read it if it does.  But in my head I am imagining stories of women getting walked in on by a co-worker, or milk shooting out and hitting their spouse in the face or landing all over their freshly dry cleaned suit, or crying because half and ounce dripped out of their nipples and they were unable to catch it in a container before it hit the floor.  Or yelling at their daycare provider because they “accidentally” spilt a bottle containing 2 oz’s of breast milk.  “2 ounces, do you know how long it took to get 2 ounces!!!!” You know, stories like that.    

Ironically, the one who took 47 months to bring home a baby and couldn’t even get pregnant naturally, produces a lot of milk.  Per kellymom, I’m off the charts for how much I can pump.  Whoohoo!!  I’m sure if I had gotten pregnant naturally and then couldn’t produce milk, I would be sad and defeated so either way you can’t win. Whatever.

FYI I’m pumping as I write this sitting at my desk in my pink hands free bra.  Yeah for technology!