So 7 months post partum, here is what I am still struggling with.

1. My feet. They are still a size bigger. I finally gave in and started purchasing new shoes starting with my running shoes. BUMMER.

2. My hips. I mean come on already. GO BACK DOWN. My damn thongs are now hanging below my butt crack. That is a problem people!

3. My feet. Yeah I know I already said this but they are so wide now. I mean it’s not like I need a wide shoe or anything but when I look at them I feel like they look like duck feet just bigger.

4. My boobs. I know they will go back down when I am done breastfeeding but toting around really full D’s is not exactly fun. I had to buy all new sports bras just to accomodate these babies. Ok, I know it could be worse but for a runner, D’s blow!

5. My stinking belly. The dang thing shrunk and is totally flat while standing giving me the elusion that all is fine. Well all is fine until I sit down or bend over. Then it all hangs down. Ok so it is worth it but I can not wait for it to totally tighten back up. And for anyone who wants to challenge me on this, go right ahead. My belly will tighten back up and I gurantee it.

I think that’s it for now. At the end of the day, I would accept these changes hands down because I love my little man more than anything in the world. But it doesn’t hurt to have a goal to make myself look normal again :-).

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