We co-sleep.  Gasp!  And I love it but I don’t care if you don’t do it :-).  Here’s why I love it.  First off, as a working mom, if I didn’t co-sleep with my son, I would only get to hold him for about 2 hours on average during the week.  That sucks!  Secondly, with my husband working nights now, an empty bed is no bueno.  And thirdly, I prefer a warm body sleeping next to me so why wouldn’t my precious baby enjoy the same.  And he totally does!  We have our routine down and everyone is happy.

My son goes to bed every night around 6:30pm  I nurse him to sleep and then slip away for some me time.  He still nurses every few hours which isn’t so bad now that we co-sleep.  I just roll over, pull out the boob and fall back asleep.  No more having to get out of bed, go to the nursery, rock him or get comfy on the sofa and then try to get myself back to sleep once he is done. 

The other great part about it is in the morning when my husband comes home from work, he crawls into bed to snuggle with our son while I get ready for work.  It is his my husbands favorite time of day and mine too because I get to watch them secretly on the video monitor :-).

I love my life.

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