Day Care

I just found this post I wrote back in April right after going back to work.  Totally forgot to post it!!  I blame it on the lack of sleep.

My overall feeling 4 weeks in:

1.  It’s not that bad.  Although I miss my little man terribly, he seems happy when I drop him off and pick him up so I can’t complain.

2. Even though they somehow managed to snap his ear lobe in with his bib (yeah I thought wth too), they still take great care of him.  At least they didn’t “accidentally” pierce his ear.

3.  He is actually making friends if that is possible at this age.

4.  I feel comfortable with the care he is receiving.

5.  I hope he gets into a routine.

Part of me still wishes I could stay at home full-time with him but another part of me is ok that I went back to work.

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