We survived three shots and an oral liquid. Whew!

As i lay in bed last night, I rolled over and said “honey, why is the one who passes out and can’t watch people get shots on tv taking our son to get his first shots”, no comment. Although I hate shots, I reminded myself that over the last four years I have endured so many shots, including countless that I have given myself, that I would be fine.

And I was. And after a shriek and a sound that sounded like “maw maw”, and a boob, so was he. I just held my little guys hands and kissed his head. And reminded him that I was up here and the pain was coming from down there. I didn’t want him to think i was causing him pain :).

So here i lay with this sweet angel in my arms trying hard to not touch his legs. I’m real queazy about injection sites for myself so I assume he is too. Poor thing.


3 responses to “Shots

  1. aw, little brave guy…
    it’s good to put it behind you, give him some extra kisses 😉

  2. Hazel’s shots are tomorrow and I’m terrified. Relieved to read you all lived through it. xo

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