6 weeks

Well one day shy that is.  Turns out my doctor will not give shots until the baby is exactly 6 weeks old to the day.  Well I didn’t know that, and when I called to schedule my appointment, I made it clear exactly what I was coming in for but they failed to realize the mistake as well.  So long story short, we got the full check up (he’s doing great) but I have to go back next week for his shots.  Sigh.  All that anxiety for nothing.  Obviously, he has no clue what is in store but I do.  And granted, after all my infertility treatments and so many shots I’ve lost count, I’m still here, it doesn’t take away from the fact that they still hurt.  I’m just hoping that 3 pricks later and a latch to the boob, and he will forget all about it.  Hang tough little man!

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