4 weeks

Well Austin turned 4 weeks old on Sunday. I can’t believe it. We haven’t mastered breastfeeding yet as my nipples are still a little sore but we are getting there. Milestones: we can breastfeed in a ring sling and eat ribs one handed. Yeah! He follows me when I set him down or someone else is holding him. He had his first cry for mom episode. And I’m pretty sure he gave a real smile, not jut a reflexive one. So adorable.


7 responses to “4 weeks

  1. Aw, he’s so adorable!!!

  2. Hooray Austin! You have such a cool mom who loves you more than you’ll ever know. Welcome to earth!

  3. Hey there – how is it going?
    I am sure you’re too busy for this sort of thing now, but I tagged you: http://zygotta.wordpress.com/2012/01/25/i-got-tagged-to-tell-you-about-myself/

  4. What a handsome little boy! Congratulations!

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