I swear I haven’t forgotten about you blog but I am tired.  I only have a few weeks left at work at best and I have been swamped trying to get everything in order.  There is nothing worse than going out on vacation or leave only to have your co-workers discover your short comings in your absence.  So I am diligently trying to avoid that.  Fun times.

Since my last post I have had two baby showers, one at home and one at work and I survived them both.  I have some very generous friends and co-workers.  I truly was amazed and very thankful.

I am now 10 weeks, well almost 10 weeks farther than I was during my last pregnancy which makes me feel good.  Of course I still worry and will until he is born alive and healthy and I get to take him home but that is expected.

My contractions are getting stronger and more frequent but that is ok.  Technically we would be ok if he was born tomorrow.  I obviously don’t want him to be born tomorrow but at least I know his survival rate is 99% at this point.

Just taking it day by day at this point and remaining positive that it is our turn.

Stay tuned.

2 responses to “Update

  1. I am so glad to hear all is well!
    what was the best thing you got for baby shower?

    • You know, I don’t really have a favorite yet. I will let you knwo if a few weeks though :-). But if I had to pick now, it would be my jogger stroller but my parents got us that last year so it wasn’t something I got at my shower. It just moves so smoothly and I can’t wait to start running again. Did you have a favorite?

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