L & D Trip 3

I swear, I am not a hypo.  But I had been having mild contractions off and on since yesterday afternoon so I decided to call the doc.  Sure enough they sent me over.  I was hoping to just make an office visit but they didn’t want to take any chances.  So away I went.  I gave a urine sample, got all hooked up and an hour and a half later, I got to go home.  No pattern to my contractions which is good, but they did see them, cervix is closed which is even better and my urine sample came back negative.  So orders are to take it easy and drink extra liquid.  How on earth I am supposed to shove more water in my gut is baffling to me but I will try.  I cheated and shared half a caffeine free coke with my mom and this kid is going nuts.  Holy cow!


5 responses to “L & D Trip 3

  1. I am sorry you got contractions – but I am happy to hear cervix’s closed and L&D don’t seem concerned. Could these be BH? I haven’t read about BH yet so I don’t know what really is the difference between the two.
    I hope it all passes soon and doesn’t cloud the remainder of your pregnancy (how far along are you? 30-31 weeks?)

    • No they weren’t BH. BH don’t come in a pattern. They just come and go whenever. These contractions were coming and going for about 24 hours. A little bedrest helped them to go away so now we just move on. I am 32 weeks now so hopefully he will make it at least another 4. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  2. So glad your son is still cooking and it was just a false alarm!! I hope the next few weeks fly by!!

    ICLW #94

    • Thanks, me too. Someone posted once that the last trimester crawled by and I am finding that to be true. I just want him out and safe so then I can move on to worrying about something else :-).

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