Baby Shower

In my quest to stay positive, I decided to let my mom and BF plan a baby shower.  I really hope things don’t back fire on me now.  My husband was a little ticked that I decided to have one but I asked him to pay attention to my mom running around with her head cut off planning this shower and explained that it was more for her than me.  Sometimes you have to let others do things even if you don’t want to, because it makes them very happy.  It’s only one day so I’ll survive.  I thought about having the shower after the baby was born but the thought of 15-20 people holding my baby that soon after birth makes me cringe, so I chose this option instead.

In addition, my mom and my BF have gone in together and got me a belly photo session.  It isn’t my ideal present since I’m not a huge fan of photos of myself but hey, this may be my only chance so I’m going with it.  The photographer is also a friend so I reserved her talents to take newborn shots of our little guy.  Since I try to dabble in photography I’ll take some shots on my own  and who knows, maybe a few will make it into the albums we make for the grandparents but at least I don’t have to worry about it.

2 responses to “Baby Shower

  1. My best friend and sister-in-law organized an on-line baby shower for me when I refused to go along with a traditional one. They helped me with a registry, then sent it to all my friends and family with a note explaining that I didn’t want a baby shower but would still need baby stuff! At first I was opposed to that too, but I think you’re right- it’s more for our family and friends who suffered along with us. They want a way to celebrate us, stay hopeful, and HELP. Because we know that it’s not very easy to receive help when our hearts are broken.

    Would you send me your registry? 🙂

    • Oh that is sweet. I never thought of doing an online one. I think if I had, I probably would have gone that route. Of course I ended up in L&D again, contractions, then started feeling bad about all the work they had put in. So far though, all is good and the shower is still on for this Sunday :-).

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