Just when I think my bitterness has subsided, I get these wonderful remarks made to me.  Here is a look into some of the comments I have received from people over the last few weeks.  I just want to punch their lights out. 

“You look like you doubled in size, do you feel like it?”  No, do you fat ass!

“Are you going to send me a picture of you looking fat?”  Just because I am pregnant does not mean I am fat.  And at least I have an excuse for my weight gain, what’s yours?

“Are you nesting yet?”  Do I look like a fucking bird.

“Hope you are getting plenty of sleep, because you won’t be getting any once the baby comes.”  F-U.  I have bigger things to worry about.

“You losing any hair yet?  Well don’t be surprised if it starts falling out after you deliver.”  Why thanks for the heads up!

These comments were made by someone who knew about my preterm birth and loss.

“Hope you don’t go into labor this weekend.”  Made at 22 weeks.

“Don’t go into labor now.  With the power outage it might not end well.”  Made at 25 weeks.  Right around the time I delivered my son last year.

“Oh I see you still haven’t popped yet.”  Made at 27 weeks.

Idiots is all I can say.

4 responses to “Comments

  1. I am sorry you have to deal with unwelcome comments. I am personally fairly thick-skinned when it comes to comments (I get mostly the same that you do) – but advice – that I never asked for – is what irks me.
    Co-sleep – or you won’t get any sleep. Invite your MIL to live with you, you cannot do this on your own, trust me. Etc., etc….
    Everyone feels like they should give me an advice.
    It’s okay when I ask for it – when I share my thoughts and uncertainties. But uncalled for? Grrrrrr….

    • Either people are getting very rude or I am just too sensitve. I’m going with them being rude 🙂

      • I don’t think they’re rude – unfortunately, what they’re saying is a cliche.
        When I say we’re having a boy, people with little girl tend to tell me theirs will be his bride. It irritates me, I don’t know why.
        Everyone predicts bad sleeping, recommending to forget about social life, etc., etc. They say it without thinking – because that’s what everyone says.
        It was the same with getting pregnant – somehow everyone tends to talk about the bad stuff – the morning sickness, the not sleeping, and whatever – and then you discover that not everyone gets all of these. But everyone tells you “just wait, and…”

      • The advice people want to give is odd. I’m not sure why they feel inclined to say such stupid things. How about a “congrats, hope all goes well”.

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