30 weeks

Well I am 30 weeks this week and things are still going well.  My cervix is long, the fetal fibronectin came back negative again, giving us a pretty comfortable guarantee of not delivering in the next two weeks and my BH’s are minimal.  The baby is measuring very big but they have assured me his is fine and I am fine.  Now my vagina might be a different story if we make it full term and he turns out to be a 9-10 pounder but no need to worry about that yet. 

My nerves are getting better.  I wake up several times a night to drink a glass of water for fear that the one or two BH’s I feel are actually contractions but after I drink the water, I feel nothing until I get up in the morning.  Once we hit 32 I may breathe a little easier but once we hit 34 I will feel much better. 

On a side note, we got some really good 3D photos of the kid yesterday.  (I would post a shot but I can’t seem to scan u/s photos correctly as they all end up with a bad glare so if anyone has any tips, please feel free to share.)  He fell asleep right before I went in and was in the perfect position for a photo opp.  The tech was great as she spent several minutes getting me the best shot possible.  She had no obligation to do so as I wasn’t there for a photo session but it was nice she did it.  He now looks like a real baby.  His eyes, nose and lips are totally distinguishable and he looks like my husband.  Hopefully he will get my blue eyes :-).

4 responses to “30 weeks

  1. find a place where there’s lots of lite and take a photo of your photos
    that’s what I usually do (I rarely use scanner)

    so glad things are going well!!! I always anxiously wait for your updates. When did your BH start?

    • I have taken a shot or to with my camera but I haven’t been happy with the results. I’ll try again and see what happens.

      I’m glad things are progressing for you as well. I know my posting has been sporadic but I try not to let you worry :-). I follow another blog and she hasn’t updated since August so I am really worried something may have happened with her pregnancy. I hope not.

      My BH’s started around 25 weeks. My friend is two weeks behind me and she hasn’t felt any yet so I may just be an early starter.

      • it’s important to find a good spot… like outside when its overcast – so there’s no glare

        Not posting since August… have you messaged her? One of my bloggers also has been quiet for a while now… I am getting worried.

      • I did not. I really didn’t want to bother her if something had happened. I figured when the time is right, she will post.

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