Family Life

Why on earth do people insist on complaing to me about how hard my life will be once my son arrives.  I mean really?  What I really want to say to these people is “I’m so sorry you hate your kids and what has become of your pathetic life but just because you are miserable not getting any sleep and having to entertain them, doesn’t mean I will too.”  That is what I want to say, but alas, I don’t.  I just smile and say ok. 

I can’t wait to be a mom.  I can’t wait until the umbilical cord falls off so I can take a bath with my newborn.   I can’t wait to take my son to Disneyland and see the look of excitement on his face.  I can’t wait until he starts school, ok maybe this part I can wait on but you get my point.  I can not wait to experience the joy of parenthood even if it means sleepless nights, less date nights and not so many oversees trips for the first year or so. 

But you know what, having kids does not mean your life has to come to a complete standstill.  People travel everyday with kids, they go to the movies, on camping trips, they get to sleep in and still eat out.  I often wonder if people just feel inclined to make the same dumb comments they expect everyone else to make .  I honestly have no idea but it is driving me insane.  And it is not the hormones 🙂

3 responses to “Family Life

  1. I totally hear you. Sarcastic comments along the lines of “sleep while you can” or “socialize while it’s still possible” irritate me.
    But what irritates me even more – is pregnant women that complain about gaining weight and getting fat and not fitting in their favourite pair of jeans. I mean, really? That’s what’s important to you? I shrug my shoulders and tell them I am quite proud to be fat. That shuts them up.

    • I had to tell several friends not call me and complain about being pregnant while I was going through IF treatments. They just didn’t get it. I would have given anything to be in their shoes. Even now, they think I am all “cured” and no longer feel any bitterness so I just smile but the truth is, it still hurts.

      • I know. Remarks about how I should wait and see how I will want this baby out in a couple of month also irritate me. And how babies are a burden. Etc, etc.

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