Cord Blood

I got asked again last night if I was going to save my sons’s cord blood as it is “life insurance” on him but my answer is made up.  No.  In theory cord blood banking sounds great.  This wonderful back up plan just in case.  However, when does the just in case end?  When they are 10, 15, 30.  So as each year passes by how on earth do you then make the decision to cancel the policy and let the cord blood go?  The more I read into the more I think it is a scam.  If saving cord blood was so important, then it would be covered for everyone, not just those who have the extra funds to toss around. 

So what if my son did inherit a genetic disease?   Well, we would not be able to use his cord blood because it would already contain the genetic disorder.  Interesting.  So to me it seems the “guarantees” of what it can be used for are very limited and for the cost, I want something more than that.

In addition, in order to save cord blood, they have to clamp the cord very soon after birth.  My research on this is slim to date but the more I delve into it, the more I like  the concept of delayed clamping.  I want to make sure my baby receives everything he should from the placenta before he is turned out into the world.  I don’t want to jeopardize it on a “what if”.

So that is how I came to my conclusion of not saving cord blood.

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