28 weeks

Well I made it 3 weeks farther than I did last time but I’m not feeling that reassured as I woke up last night at 3am feeling contractions.  I monitored them and then got up and had a glass of water and then went back to bed.  They stopped but I just don’t feel well today which makes me nervous.  Is it my body preparing for labor, is it just a cold, stress, nerves.

So far the baby’s heart beat is going strong and he is growing right on track if not ahead of schedule.  I should be really happy to have made it this far but I know the risks are still looming and I’m getting nervous.  Last time my son was perfect as well but my body just didn’t hold out.  28 weeks is still too early for him to be born.  Yes I know my statistics go up in regards to his chances of survival but that doesn’t mean it is a guarantee. 

I’m trying to remain optimistic and setting my sights on the end goal of holding my big and healthy son.  I know the doctors want what I want and I know where L&D is 🙂 but geeze time is going so slow now.  For most people they want it to hurry up so they can stop being pregnant.  I just want time to hurry up so I know that my son is past being born too early.




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