L&D Trip 2

So far I would not consider myself a “frequent flyer” as they call some patients who go to L&D throughout their whole pregnancy but I do have a good layout of the facility at this point.  Trip number 1 was all me.  Trip number 2 was initiated by my Dr so not too bad.

My feet have been swelling big time.  Let’s just say I’m up a size and a half in work shoes and I wear my husbands slippers when I get home.  Well on Thursday my feet were about 5 times their normal size.  At first I wasn’t that concerned but then I got to thinking that if this is preclampsia,  I am in big trouble.  I called my Dr’s office and left a message then waited.  While waiting I thought it would be prudent for me to walk downstairs to a dental office and have them take my blood pressure, all was good.  So I got in my car as normal and headed home to prop my feet up.  Well about 15 minutes from my house, the dr called.  I gave her the rundown totally expecting her to say yup just go home and prop up your feet but to my surprise, she did not say that.  Instead she said, get your husband and go to L&D.  Ok. 

Panic mode set in.  No tears or hysterics but an internal wave of last years events started coursing through my veins.    I knew I she was just being extra careful given my history but I couldn’t help but think something just might be wrong.  By the time I got to L&D, I was now having contractions.  Shit.  I was pretty certain they were coming on due to me being nervous but regardless, they were there.

4 hours later, my blood pressure was still fine,  and the contractions stopped. Whew.  They did another fetal fibronectin which came back negative and also gave me some peace of mind.  I was told to take Friday off and spend the rest of the weekend laying down.  Done!  I just hope this next 6 weeks flys by.  I just want to make it to 34 weeks.

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