I know it’s not an excuse but it’s the truth.  I just don’t have the energy to type right now.  My hands hurt so bad and keep me up all night that I am miserable the next day and the next.  My doctor offered to send me to physical therapy but honestly, the thought of another appointment to add to my list of already long appointments does not appeal to me.  That and there is no guarantee whatsoever that PT will work.  It’s just something to try.  I have other things to save/spend my money on then having some dude massage my wrists and put on some heating packs for 30 minutes :-). 

On a positive note, I am 26 weeks and moving right along.  I feel ok in that regard but I never let my guard down.  This week I am on a roll to get things organized and back on track despite my tiredness.  I just keep thinking positively and pretend I’m not tired.  Other than taking this short break, I have gotten a lot done at work today.  Whew!

2 responses to “Tired

  1. Hey, good job staying positive, pausing for a few secs to vent here!
    26 weeks – you’re almost in the 3 trimester!
    Does this carpal syndrome typically last until the end or could it end earlier?

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