I haven’t posted in forever, sorry about that blog.  I spent the last week moving which was hard physically and mentally.  My parents came to help out which was nice and made things go a tad quicker.  My husband and my dad are still gathering the few remaining items this week and then we will be done with that house forever.  Seems so weird to me as I grew up in one house my whole life.  I really hope I am able to do that for my kids.

Well I am 24 weeks today.  One more week and I will be at the point I was last time.  I feel comfortable knowing I go in every week but part of me is a little scared of the future.  At 28 weeks I will feel a little better, but at 34 I will feel much better.  Of course at 38 I will probably be feeling more anxiety that something will happen to my almost full term baby while he is still developing so until he is born healthy, I think I will just not be all that sane.  Trying for his sake but not likely.

Ok, have to get to work now.  I swear I will have something insightful to say later this week :-).



2 responses to “Yikes

  1. Yay, the move is (almost) over! Congrats!
    How’s your carpal tunnel… sorry, can’t remember the proper name…?

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