My Newest Ailment

This pregnancy just keeps on giving, in the wrong way.  About two weeks ago I started to notice my hands going numb during the night.  When I would sleep on my right side, my left hand would go numb and vice versa.  Well I opened up my Mayo Clinic book on pregnancy and numbness in hands leads me to the section on Carpel Tunnel Syndrome.  Google confirms this as well.  Ok no biggie.  Well as the week progressed it got worse but not too bad.  I mentioned it to my Dr and they confirmed that yes, with the swelling in your hands, this is what you have.  Ok fine.  Well over this last weekend, it has become unbearable.  I can no longer sleep except on my back which I’m not supposed to do so I toss and turn all night trying to find a spot that will not make my hands go numb,while still trying to take the pressure off my uterus so it doesn’t restrict blood flow to my heart and legs.  However, the second I lay down on one side or the other, my hands instantly goes numb and start tingling.  I have a small wedge that I can place under one hip but let me just tell you, it doesn’t really allow for a restful night.  Now the pain has progressed during the day too.  I can barely write with a pen and I can’t grasp anything.  It even hurts to drive, although it feels ok to type.  Sigh.  I will take it as long as the baby is healthy but geeze, enough already.

5 responses to “My Newest Ailment

  1. Ouch. First, on the bright side: the baby is fine!
    Second (I am being typical pragmatic me here) – perhaps you could try sleeping on a couch, where you can lean on the back of the couch so that you’re in a sort of a “semi” position – not exactly on your side, but not on your back, either?
    Perhaps, even prop a pillow under your belly, so that as to fight the gravity?
    In any case, I hope you find some relief soon!

    • The problem is, I physically can’t lay on one side or the other or it causes it to flame up big time. I also can’t sleep propped up as that does not relive all the pressure off my cervix so I have to lay down. As of now, I lay flat on my back with a wedge under one hip. But this is about as comfy as sitting in a coach seat on an airplane :-). Doable but very uncomfortable for 8-9 hours. Last night I took my body pillow and made a big circle on my bed and laid tummy down on that for awhile which worked for resting while watching TV. We’ll see. Only 17 weeks to go so I’ll manage :-).

  2. “only 17 weeks to go”!!!
    I am only 16 weeks into the pregnancy and it already feels like a lot!
    love the nest idea to lay tummy down 😉 I’ll have to remember the know-how!

  3. Good god, it really makes you wonder how women have 10 or 12 children. I have no advice or uplifting words for you, just a little sympathy and the hope that in the next 17 weeks some one invents a fast forward time machine.

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