22 weeks

It is amazing the difference of care you receive from your regular OB versus a specialist.  My OB appointments are like walking into a store to pick up deodorant and then you walk right back out.  My specialist appointments are so detailed and I walk away feeling very satisfied like something actually took place.  Don’t get me wrong, I like my OB’s office but the level of care you get there compared to high risk is so minimal.  It is almost a joke I have to see them every 4 weeks since I see my high risk Dr weekly and get all my questions answered.  Oh well.  Now that I have this experience, I will never go back to just a regular OB if we are lucky enough to get pregnant again.  Never.

On another note, my little guy has now been breech/ transverse for 2 weeks now.  All I know is, he better shift his little behind around and face the right direction in 10 weeks.  This is the first time I have not been able to walk away with U/S photos of the kid.  Not like I need the photos but I like collecting the mass wad of them in my manila folder for a keepsake someday down the line.  Maybe next week I will ask for a photo of his spine as I don’t have one of those yet.  I honestly think this guy turned because he hates the camera that much.  He squiggles so much now and punches and kicks they can barely get a look at him.  I don’t blame him though, weekly prodding is no bueno.  Part of me can’t help but think that my modified bed rest is also making him think my left side is down.  I mostly lay on my left side so he thinks he is in the correct position.  Poor guy.

I have been cleared to see my chiropractor, yeah, so I will discuss the Webster Technique with her today as I know she is certified to perform it.  I know I have some time and hopefully the kid will figure it out on his own but you never can be too prepared. 

Next up on my docket of approval, yoga.  Stay tuned to see if they finally release me to do something other than lying on my side or eating as a hobby.        


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