I’m not sure if I should be flattered or offended that my eye doctor didn’t think I was pregnant.  On the one hand, I guess it means I look small for 21 weeks.  On the other, the bitch just thought I was fat.  Hmmm……Not cool.  I’m being sarcastic of course because I would never ask a women if she was pregnant or assume she was to anyone except maybe my husband or BF.  I won’t even ask when it’s obvious.  In part it’s because I had a very awesome boss in college who got asked when she was due and she was mortified and I sat there through the whole thing (Oh she wasn’t pregnant.  I’m sure you figured that out.).  And also in part because of what I have been through.  I was never one to pry into other’s personal lives anyway but now I am much more aware of those questions and the impact they have.



3 responses to “Random

  1. yeah, I catch people glancing at my belly and they don’t say anything – of curse they’re too polite to allow such an insult (in case it’s just fat) to come out of their mouth 🙂

    hey, just looked at your ticker: in a month, you’ll be in double-digits ( as in less the 100 days left) 🙂

  2. I have this sick fantasy of when I’m 8 months pregnant and some one says- When are you due? and I stare blankly back and say- What do you mean?

    Not very nice, I know, but funny.

    • I have honestly tried doing that but end up busting out laughing. One of these days though, some poor soul who rubs me the wrong way will get that answer, with a straight face and I will not feel bad about it :-).

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