I’m not like most people.  I feel like telling people I’m pregnant is like telling them it’s my birthday.  And when you tell someone it’s your birthday, you want them to acknowledge it and say Happy Birthday.  I’m just not a fan.  If I had my way, I would hide out from the world from about month 4 through delivery but alas, that is not an option.  I just don’t like people knowing and I don’t like talking about it.  Maybe if I could get pregnant at the drop of a dime and not have to spend every waking minute worrying and every other day getting prodded by the dildo cam, I would have a different outlook, but I don’t. 

I just can’t understand those who just don’t get the subtle hints that I really don’t want to talk about my pregnancy with you.  You think a shifting of the eyes, a meager thanks and a quick change of topic would do the trick but it doesn’t.  I have one co-worker who just won’t let up.  And she was around last year when I lost my son so she has no excuse.  I finally had to tell her to stop asking me questions as I didn’t want to talk about my pregnancy, no I will not be sharing the sex of my child or his exact due date with you.  I’m sure you can understand given our last outcome.  Of course she looked all butt hurt but you know what, I don’t give a shit. I tried to be nice but she just didn’t pick up on it.  So there you have it.

I am very thankful to be pregnant and once my son is born healthy, I will be more than happy to share my details, just wash your hands before you reach out to touch him :-).

2 responses to “Ugh

  1. You did right by telling your co-worker in such a straightforward matter to bugger off. Your peace of mind is most important!

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