Would someone please explain how two people accumulated so many belongings as to fill up a 5 bedroom house?  A few years ago, I lost almost all my belongings in a house fire.  Yes I was part of what I like to call Firestorm 2003.  Ok wow, it was more than a few years ago but whatever.  My point is, I realized after I lost everything, that one doesn’t really need 10 pairs of black heels.  And you know what, I no longer have 10 pairs of black heels.  I used to be really good and instantly throwing away any paper I had lying around but somehow, I have started saving it all again.  I think that has to do with medical bills and tax stuff as I want to make sure we get credit for every dime spent but still.  I don’t feel I have an excessive amount of clothes anymore either.  I lived off of a handful of clothes for a month and got by just fine.  So of course I have cut back in that area too.  I do of course love books so I have a crap load of those, although I am trying hard to use the Kindle I bought for my husband.  Bu I still want my research books in paper.  I just want to hold it.  As I’m typing, I’m still trying to figure out how we have so much crap :-).

My parents came over this weekend to help us pack, since I’m useless right now and after 10 boxes were stacked I thought, wow what a great job we did.  After they left and I realized it would take 10 more just to finish off the kitchen.  Holy cow. 

I made a list of things we could do without that I was going to sell on Craigslist and my husband shot me down.  I was like, we don’t need two kitchen tables hun.  Nor do we need two large sofas.  When we combined households, neither of us sold any of our things at the time, we just made room.  Well now seems like a great time to get down to a decent sized household.  But I guess not.  I was just trying to help since I won’t be able to lift a finger come moving day but whatever.  I will kick back with my slurpee, big belly and swollen feet and enjoy the scenery.

2 responses to “Packing

  1. Hahaha
    and now think of me: I came to Canada with 2 suitcases
    So imagine how perplexed I feel when I look at all the stuff I’ve (we’ve) accumulated since! 🙂

    how are you feeling lately?

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