Peeing in a cup

So with all my discomfort I’ve been having the doc had me come in yesterday to test my urine to make sure I didn’t have a bladder infection or anything of the sort.  I don’t so that’s good.  However, as I was peeing in my cup, I realized that in a month or two, once my belly gets bigger,  I won’t be able to see into that cup and I got to wondering how on earth I won’t pee on my hand or won’t end up with an empty cup.  Hmmm.  Guess I will figure it out when the time comes.  Rubber gloves anyone?

On another note, I am not having contractions which I was pretty sure I was not having but it was a nice reassurance to know I was correct.  Although, they still don’t know what is causing so much discomfort with my uterus so I go back today for a few more tests.  They hinted, which they have been for a while now, that I may end up on bed rest sooner rather than later as laying down on one side or the other causes me no discomfort in regards to the pregnancy.  Sure my eyes ache at the end of the day from watching tv for god knows how long.  And a hip or two is uncomfortable for having all that weight on it non-stop but nothing I can’t deal with for a few more months. 

My husband’s birthday is next week and I told him to ask for a fetal doppler and a tocodynanometer (contraction measuring machine).  He looked at me like I was speaking a foreign language he had never heard before.  Apparently he doesn’t understand paranoia talk.

One response to “Peeing in a cup

  1. You can use a wider-mouthed cup and press it against you. You won’t miss this way 🙂
    Hope your additional tests are all good news!
    Or they come up with one-handed crocheting technique…

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