Long story short, an ex co-workers wife, just sent me a care package.  I am seriously touched by her gesture.  She went to the same clinic as me, used IVF to get pregnant and then who lost her baby at 21 weeks.  We have never met in real life, only the internet and we haven’t even spoken on the phone, just email.  I reached out to her husband after they lost their son and just told them I was here if they needed any emotional support.  I thanked her and of course she said oh it wasn’t much but to a sofa bound person, it was a lot.  The care package contained a book, several movies, some crosswords, chapstick and a cute basket to keep it all organized.  Wow.

My BF sent me a similar package except hers included candy which sent my husband over the edge but I told him to shove it.  It was my package and I could do with it what I wanted.  And I ate it.  With a big fat smile on my face :-).  But back to my point.  I didn’t post about my BF because well, that’s what BF’s are for.  I by no means take her for granted as over the years I have done the same for her.  But for an almost stranger to send me this care package, it really touched my heart and honestly brought a tear to my eye.  That is of course after I got over the slight anxiety of who the heck sent me this package and I realized there was no bomb in the box.  I don’t trust strangers or strange packages these days.

It is amazing how during the course of hard times people really do come together.

2 responses to “Friends

  1. a friend in need… 🙂
    maybe you should start painting, or knitting, or something of the kind
    thanks for sharing this touching story!

    • You know I actually do crochet but the problem is, I am so uncomfortable sitting or standing right now that I have to lay on one side or the other. I can somewhat do my word searches or cross words but then an arm starts to go numb so I have to take frequent breaks. It’s ok, only a few more months to go.

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