Oh boy

Several people have asked now and I know I haven’t posted about it yet so here it goes.

Yes we are having a boy and yes I feel him moving.  We found out about 12 weeks but being as though it was still too early to give a definite answer in my book, I just tucked that piece of knowledge in my vault.  Over the next few weeks they kept giving the same confirmation about it being a boy but since I already knew, it was old news to me :-).  I often contemplated how I would feel about having another boy but honestly, I don’t care as long as he comes out healthy.  I was afraid that if we had another boy it would feel so much like the first time and bring back bad memories but this pregnancy is so scary on its own that his gender is really overshadowed by that.  And to top it off, as much as I want a girl someday down the road, if our only biological child is a boy, I feel better knowing I’m not passing on my IF genes to him.      

In regards to movement, I tend to feel movement real early like around 12 weeks.  This can be a great sign or a not so welcoming sign.  Once you feel movement, you want more.  And during those beginning stages, say 12-16 weeks, you just don’t get more.  You only get a few touches now and then which you can’t control.  Now however, I feel him move everyday and have for almost 2 weeks and can even control the movement with eating some sugar or food.  My go to had been life savers but those don’t seem to do the trick anymore so I had to switch over to starbursts.  Those really get him moving.  My husband gets upset with me because he doesn’t want me eating a bunch of sugar but seriously people, 2 or 3 starbursts aren’t gonna hurt anyone.  He doesn’t get it so I just eat them when he isn’t looking :-).

5 responses to “Oh boy

  1. this morning i felt something odd somewhere where the top of my uterus is (and I know where it is because the book said I can now press above the pubic bone and feel the top of the uterus)
    I felt it but since everyone’s saying it’s too early, I decided this was gas. Even though it felt somewhat different.
    What sort of sensation did you get at 12 weeks?

    • In the beginning it really just feels like gas or bubbles or something but not coming from the normal spot. Real quick and not really identifiable. I dismissed my sensations the first time around as everyone said the same thing “too early” but this time I felt them again and I knew what I was feeling. As it progresses it obviously gets more distinct. Even now at 19 weeks it says I will only feel flutters and for me that just isn’t the case. I feel kicks. In fact you can see the kicks. Those aren’t flutters :-).

  2. Congrats on a healthy boy! Hoping the rest of your pregnancy flies by.

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