Will history repeat itself?

I hope not.  It turns out my bleed was not from my previa after all.  It was from a sub chorionic hemorrhage.  The ER Dr just missed it.  Funny thing is, I asked the ER Dr if they noted a SCH and he said no.  My gut was right.  Yesterday during my anatomy exam, they switched over to vaginally measure my cervix and look at the placenta and I looked up on the screen and simultaneously said with the tech, hey is that a SCH?  She looked at me like, how on earth did you know that.  Then I explained to her that I had one with my last pregnancy and have become somewhat of a self trained tech :-).  Ok not really but with as many times as I go in, I do have a much better understanding and an eye for what I’m looking for and at.  Sad I know.

So this didn’t change much with my activity level.  Still limited and still no sex.  It will most likely stay that way throughout the rest of the pregnancy.  On a good note, if you can call it that, the Dr. did seem very confident that the placenta will move as he saw a patch of amniotic fluid right next to it.  He said that was a good sign.  Ok.  However, with a SCH, that changes things a bit.  It can increase your chance of premature labor (already have that) it can increase your chance of losing the baby (done that before), it can increase your chance of stunted fetal growth (so far he is 4 days bigger so maybe this won’t matter), it will increase my chance of bleeding again (yep, went through that last time off and on for 6 weeks, not fun) and I’m sure there is something else I’m missing. 

So yes, my baby is on track growth wise and anatomy wise, which is exactly how it was last time but my body is not.  Having a healthy baby growing inside me does nothing to ease the mind when you know your body is slowly failing to support him.  It means my body has the potential to lose another healthy baby in the blink of an eye.  I’m just hoping at this point to make it to 30 weeks so at least he has a fighting chance.  We’ll see.

7 responses to “Will history repeat itself?

  1. I don’t know what sub chorionic hemorrhage is, but I really do hope everything will be fine!
    you refer to your baby as a he – do you already know the gender?

    • It is where the placenta separates from the uterus and causes bleeding. There are several degrees and right now mine is mild but I had a mild one last time too so that doesn’t really bring me any relaxation. Not fun.

      • take good care of yourself
        what do you do while on bedrest?

      • Right now I can still go to work but I have a fairly sedentary job. So I go to work and plant my butt in a chair, then I drive home at the end of the day and plant my butt on the sofa. My friend sent me a word find :-), totally elementary but it’s passing the time, read and sometimes I will crochet. Not too exciting but that’s ok.

  2. I hope you aren’t one of those people who go rafting and climbing mount Kilimanjaro, so this isn’t TOO bad for you 🙂

    • It’s funny you should say that. I am an extremely active person. Right before I started my last round, my dad and I backpacked Havasupai Falls (an area near the Grand Canyon). Kilimanjaro is on my list of things to do one day but financially, IF treatments come first. However, although sitting on my behind is the last thing I would ever want to do, I can sacrifice 9 months of activitiy for a healthy child. That’s what parents do right :-).

  3. Ooooh, bed rest must be tough on you, then 🙂
    I am the type of person who can stay at home for weeks, I think – reading, drawing, blogging, watching and re-watching movies… I am the lazy one 🙂 I always admired those that climb mountains and go rafting – but I am too much of a chicken for that. Tubing down a cave river in Belize was probably as adventurous as I would ever go.

    But I hear you – what is 9 months against a lifetime of a healthy child? BTW, I might have missed it – are you feeling the kicks already?

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