Trip to the ER

Well my placenta previa has caught up with me.  The other night while restlessly tossing and turning I reached down to feel between my legs because it felt wet.  I felt, but didn’t think much of it.  Then a minute later it dawned on me, that I did feel wet.  Wait a second, I don’t remember peeing my pants or dreaming about it.  WTF.  I jumped up, ran to the bathroom, turned on the light and looked down as I plopped on the toilet.  A huge gush of blood came out.  I sat there it utter shock.  I knew this was a possibility but I was honestly thinking I would be ok.  After the shock set in, I ran through the possible m/c checklist in my head.  No cramps or cramping, no back pain, no loss of symptoms, nothing other than blood.  That is a good sign.  My husband asked what was wrong and I told him.  I grabbed my phone, called my doctor’s office and waited 15 minutes for the call.  They assured me since I had no other symptoms that it was the previa and to watch the bleeding and go to the ER if it got worse.  So I put on a diaper I mean pad and waited.  No sooner had I sat down, I felt the urge to pee real bad.  I went to the bathroom and blood came gushing out again.  Ok, let’s go.  4 hours later, seceral more gushes of blood, a healthy heartbeat, good blood cell count and nothing else to be seen, we were sent home.  And there I sat for 2 days on bed rest.  Fun times.  Now we wait and pray for that placenta to move where it is supposed to and make this dang previa go away.  I haven’t cried yet but the thought of losing another healthy baby due to my body is making my mind go crazy.  Just stay put little guy.

5 responses to “Trip to the ER

  1. Cathleen, I am so sorry – how are you feeling now? Has the bleeding stopped?

    • The bleeding has stopped, thankfully. I feel ok. Slowly getting my energy back but my optimism has faded a bit. I was considering a baby shower but this trip has reminded me that no such thing will happen until we have our healthy baby. All the fun has been sucked out but as long as we go home with a baby in our arms, it will be worth it.

  2. I am so sad for you. You mentioned you expected this – how come?

  3. Placenta previa can cause bleeding. That is one of its side effects as well as many others. I have a mild or partial so I’m hopefull it gets better and not worse.

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