Eating Habits

My husband has decided he is going to critique everything I put in my mouth.  I wouldn’t mind so much except for the fact that he is not that active in the pregnancy.  Meaning he dislikes going to the Dr. appointments, he won’t read one single piece of literature I bring home about the pregnancy, baby, being a father, etc.  Not cool.  I gave him a perfectly acceptable compromise, let’s eat the same thing together if you are so concerned, otherwise, get off my back.  He said no, and why did he say no.  Because that means he has to give up tobacco (yeah he chews, gross habit I’m hoping he’ll ditch some day soon), no beer, no sushi, no lunch meat, and the list goes on.  So let’s see if he changes his tune.  Hey the way I see it, if the baby wants mac and cheese or a cinnamon roll, the baby is going to get it.  I read an old wives tale that said if you don’t give baby what it wants, baby won’t stay.  Plus, I like the way baby moves all around when I eat a life saver or a popsicle.  Silly boy.

2 responses to “Eating Habits

  1. I love mac & cheese! My DH has taken my pregnancy diet pretty seriously too. He’s gotten to the point that if I say it grosses me out or I don’t like it, he says “do it for the babies” (I’m carrying twins) which makes me feel guilty but I also don’t want to have a bad relationship with food or come to resent my babies for making me extremely fat. Supposedly I need to gain 20-25 lbs by week 20. Argh! That’s hard to do on a 5’2″ frame. Anyway, best of luck to you and I say eat all the mac & cheese you want! 🙂

    • If I even take a sip of his Dr. Pepper, he freaks out. Now mind you, I don’t drink caffeine on a regular basis because I’m too hyper anyway and don’t need it. He acts like one sip is downing 10 bottles of Mt. Dew. What a dork! I say ignore the scale and if the twins are healthy and so are you, that’s all that matters. I don’t watch my weight but I just focus on getting a variety of foods down. That’s the best we can do with these fluctuations.

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