Panty Lines

I’m a thong wearer Monday thru Friday 8-5, and weekends when needed.  Why, because I despise panty lines.  They are unattractive, gross, and downright disgusting.  But that’s just my personal opinion :-).

As I was leaving Target yesterday with my new size Large panties to accommodate my new hips and ass (sounds like a theme from Chorus Line), there was a woman in front of me with skin-tight almost see through sweats (yes you could see her cellulite) and bunched up panties, lines and all.  The thing that really baffles me is how on earth does she squeeze herself into sweats no less, that are 3 sizes too small but not notice she is donning panties that are 3 sizes too big.  I mean this a serious problem people!

Well with 163 more days to go, I find that I can barely go 2 hours with a thong on.  Ok make that 2 minutes.  I have purchased numerous brands, types, etc, and not one has worked out.  So tomorrow morning when I wake up, I will put on my granny pants, my beautiful maternity pants and head out the door with my panty lines showing and feeling self-conscious about it all day long.  Fun!  See you next year thongs!

4 responses to “Panty Lines

  1. i buy panties with a lacing as a trim – there is no rubber to dig into your thighs. Not every brand is like this – but once I found the one that works for me, I bought about a dozen. Can’t find this brand any longer, though 😦

    Oh, and wearing dresses also eliminated most of these worries 🙂 Unless you’re wearing a very tight dress, that is

  2. Glad I’m not the only one with vastly expanded hips and ass! I’ve had to buy new underwear too – such a pain finding stuff that fits and doesn’t give lines!

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