Pros and Cons

I have to start progesterone supplementation this week and it is my choice as to whether I choose suppositories or IM shots.  Last night I asked my husband if he had a preference since he would obviously have to give me the shot.  He responded by asking if he had a choice.  I said of course you do.  I understand if you are sick of giving me shots but you need to understand that if I choose suppositories, you may be buying me loads of new undies every month since that shit leaks out and stains your panties.  He started laughing uncontrollably.  I took that to mean, I could choose and he would follow.

At first I thought of doing the suppositories since my rump is still so sore from the last 6 months of PIO and daily excruciating massages are not helping, yet that is.  But then I got to thinking about the 2 days I was on them during my last cycle and I am thinking the once a week shot is much more appealing.  I just can’t stand to think of my crotch being wet, moist and gunky for the next 167 days.  No thank you.  However, suppositories do give me some freedom.  If I need to take a girls trip and my shot falls on one of those days, I don’t have to cancel or reschedule or beg a friend to give it to me, I can just pop one in before bed and be done.  I also don’t have to ice my butt and then heat it just to tolerate the shot.  So it’s either 167 vaginal suppositories or 24 IM shots. 

I will do whatever it takes to make sure my baby comes out healthy so this is only a weighing my options, not really complaining, discussion that is going on in my head.  I would love to be tough enough to give myself the IM shots but alas, that is too much to ask for.  I can do belly shots  just fine but butt shots, no thanks.

6 responses to “Pros and Cons

  1. I am taking the suppositories rectally. NO leakage. Non whatsoever. Not a single pair of underpants ruined. And none of the gunky stuff left over in the vagina to be found on your hubby’s penis after sex.

    But why do you need progesterone now, almost half way through your pregnancy? I thought once the placenta is formed, there’s no need anymore?

    • That sounds bad too. LOL!!

      I will be taking progesterone for pre-term labor. In recent studies it has been shown to reduce incidents of preterm labor and shortened cervix. We’ll see.

      • I didn’t know that – but I guess if it helps your baby stick in the cervix for the first 3 months – why wouldn’t it help later down the road?

        I really hope this time everything will be just perfect – and you will hold your pretty, healthy, warm, snuggly baby in your arms in 166 days 🙂

  2. Hi! I survived my cerclage and now have progesterone shots to look forward to in two weeks. If your doctor gave you a choice, call him and say- What would you want your daughter to do?

    That’s my mom’s advice, I haven’t had the guts to take it yet. But maybe you’ll find it useful.


    • How was it? Do they put you under or just numb your cervix? We have hit a very large bump in the road with my 17P supplemetation as my new insurance company covers nothing when it comes to drugs. I still don’t have a definite cost but they are telling me that the shot will cost me $150 per shot (I need 22 at least). With my husband unemployed, we can’t afford that right now. So suppositories it is unitl I can either bargain with the drug company or get something tossed my way from my Dr’s office. Even the supps are exre expensive but doable. Jacking up the cost of drugs to prevent preterm labor should be a crime. Jerks.

  3. It was…sucky…but at least it’s over now. I got a spinal- so I was numb from the waist down. When the numbness wore off I had strong, painful cramps, which kept freaking me out because they felt like labor pains. I’m glad it’s over and the baby is stitched up nice and tight for now.

    My doctor an husband were just lamenting the BS new progesterone costs. Last year each shot cost $15. I’m sorry that your being jerked around, but glad you can get the suppositories. My doc also mentioned that insurance companies might be willing to work with you because the shots are much cheaper than a preemie in the NICU.

    Jerks indeed.

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