This weekend was miserable for me.  It was so dang hot I didn’t think I was going to make it.  To top it off, my husband is too cheap to run the AC and doesn’t understand that my hormones are raging which includes being 15 degrees hotter than normal.  I lost on Friday but let’s just say by Saturday that AC was on.  Now I’m a compromising person, we kept it on during the day at a measly 84 degrees (I would have preferred 73)  and then turned it off come 5pm at which point I dealt with it until midnight when it finally cooled off enough for me to fall completely asleep.  But considering it hit 90 by 10am I was ok with that compromise.  It was that or raging Bitch mode for the entire 3 day weekend.  I guess he decided he didn’t want to deal with that.  Wise decision my dear man. 

I was also very concerned with going to our friend’s house for the 4th but wouldn’t you know it, a freak cloud cover with a brief rain shower came in right as we got there and the temperature dropped about 10 degrees to 87.  We only live about 5 miles away so this was very odd but very appreciated.  Luckily, the clouds cleared but the temperature stayed nice the whole afternoon.  I even needed my sweatshirt come 6pm.  Yessss!

Now I’m back at work with my AC and the waves lapping at my office door already dreading the 25 degree difference that will be awaiting me when I arrive home.  Oh well.

2 responses to “Heat

  1. Totally empathising with you! It’s 37 deg here today and I’m melting… I don’t want to turn our AC on because a family of rats moved in over the winter which our landlord never managed to get rid of.. now I’m petrified of turning on the AC and spreading rat diseases all round the house :O I’m coping with 1 room with functional AC and lots of fans.. 🙂 Thank goodness we’re moving in 3 weeks!

    • I finally won and we get the AC on all day and night while I am home. He even dropped it to 81 at night :-). My brother has no idea how we function as he keeps his as 73. I really think I won because even my husband couldn’t stand the 100 degree weather. And for us, it is very humid right now. Whatever the case, I’m happy.

      I would be scared to turn the AC on too. I think you should be receiving free rent if your landlord didn’t do their job. 2 weeks to go for you. Good luck!

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