Stomach Pains

I really thought it was over last night.  I was in some pain all day yesterday but was having a hard time pinpointing exactly what it was.  By the time I got home I was kicking myself in the butt for not going to the Dr like I thought I should.  My reservation, I was really convinced it was gas, bloating or both since my belly blew up and I looked 6 months pregnant.  But the more I suffered during sleep last night (and no gas) came out, the more I was convinced something far more serious was wrong.  I was quite calm about the whole thing.  Perhaps because I knew at 13 weeks there wasn’t anything they could do for me anyway, or maybe it’s because I knew I was over thinking things.  Who knows.  But let’s just say this morning after passing a 2 foot poop, all is well.  Yes that’s right.  I’m pretty sure it was the most shit to come out of my body in my entire life.  And why on earth so much built up is beyond me as I had already gone twice yesterday.  Holy cow.  I feel about 5 lbs lighter and so much better.  I’m eating a lot of fruit so at least I am not constipated but dang my intestines are moving slow as heck.  Time to make a food journal so as not to let that happen again.

On another note, I finally told my boss.  Felt I had to since my flat tummy is no longer so flat and I didn’t want him to hear from the rumor mill before I told him.  I really hate telling people though.  I wish I could hide out or move to another state where no one knew me until my baby was born.  But alas that dream will not come true.  I guess I have to play the lotto to win huh?

2 responses to “Stomach Pains

  1. I have those weird big poos now that I get pregnant. Also – out of nowhere. No preceding constipation or anything. So weird.

    On the job front – I am glad I just changed a job, so am trying to look fatter than I am… so the belly growth won’t be as noticeable. Drinking lots of liquids helps 🙂

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