I feel bad

I took some butter (like a tsp worth) from the frig today and it was not mine.   Damn these cravings!  It wasn’t even good real butter but the “I can’t believe it’s not butter” which of course meant I could taste every single chemical in it but for some reason I had to have it on my sourdough bread.  I anticipated her walking in the lunch room and seeing me with my bread and butter so I even went so far as to turn it over after I did it, and guess what, she walked in a few minutes later.  I feel so guilty over a teaspoon of butter because I never take anything that isn’t mine.  And it’s not like I can replace the teaspoon of butter since I don’t even touch that stuff.  Plus, how do you stick a teaspoon worth of butter back into a tub without it being noticed.  It’s not like people leave clumps of butter lying around :-).  So the more I write the more it seems silly but I still feel bad.  I totally could have asked but I was so hungry I couldn’t wait.  I think now I will have to buy her ice cream or something since I’m a total believer in Karma.  Oh maybe some dark chocolate since she loves the stuff.  On my list to bring to work tomorrow, real butter.

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