Baby Shower

Well, it wasn’t easy but I made it through my youngest SIL’s baby shower.  I have not attended a baby shower in almost 2 years and before that I only went to my BF’s.  I just boycotted all of them.  I felt a little bad going as I did not go to my oldest SIL’s shower a year and a half ago but circumstances were different.  Of course I had no one to complain to when I thought she was acting totally lame but it wasn’t too hard to just keep my feelings to myself and my mouth shut.  I had lots of chips and salsa to eat and my niece’s great sense of humor to keep me occupied.  Plus my BIL showed up later so I chatted with him in the back room to get away from it all.  No tears shed and my husband actually texted me to see how I was doing, so to me it was a decent day.

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