12 week scan

Twice this pregnancy, I’ve been told I have a retroverted uterus.  Interesting thing is, I’ve never been told that before.  I knew my U/S took longer and were a tad more complicated than most but I just thought I had an uncooperative son who took after his dad.  Turns out, it was me.  No biggie though.  They said it’s like being left or right-handed and around 14 weeks, it should look like everyone else’s.  However, I wasn’t really buying this explanation so I did some research.  I mean, how can I go a whole pregnancy, and months and months of infertility treatments and never be told I have a retroverted uterus.  Turns out it can be caused by Endometriosis (check), Fibroids (check), Childbirth (check), Pelvic surgery (check) and several other things which I don’t have.  So now I’m left wondering when the heck this happened.  Time for some phone calls.  But on to more important things.  The scan went fine.  Intestines have moved into place, nasal bone is there, NT is in the normal range and we are 65% sure of the sex.  Won’t share that yet but it’s interesting to almost know at this stage.  Unfortunately, the cord was right between the kids legs so they really couldn’t get a good shot.  Only 2 more weeks to go and if the kid cooperates, then we will know for sure.  194 days to go.

2 responses to “12 week scan

  1. I have that, too
    I was told so during my initial check-up with RE (well, the u/s part of the check-up) and was told I was probably born this way
    and he told me that they used to surgically change it until someone figured out there is actually no need

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