Blood Guy

I got my first trimester screening blood work drawn today and the phlebotomist was this young guy who says “So is this a congratulations or an unplanned pregnancy”.  Yeah I’m serious, that’s what he said.  Let me think about this $$$$$$$.  I’ll go with planned.  As in I spent months getting wands shoved up my vag, giving myself shots, and thousands of dollars.  You can’t get anymore planned than that.  Has all bedside manner been thrown out the door or has IF turned me into an uber-sensitive wench?  I just couldn’t engage in conversation after that.  Especially after he asked if this was my first.  FU buddy and have a great memorial weekend, I know I will :-).

6 responses to “Blood Guy

  1. yikes… really, in this line of work he should know better than that…

  2. Pretty sure most people’s bedside manner is just GONE. 🙂 Have a great weekend!! ICLW

  3. I kind of think you should tattle on this guy. I mean that is such an outrageously rude question, I think someone needs to know this jag-off is walking around saying crap like that.

    Although when I told my EX-doctor that her front desk was rude to me, she told me that other people have more important problems than I did. My problems were a dead baby and complications from surgery…and besides, it doesn’t take more time to be polite.

    So, sometimes even when you try and do that right thing you hit a wall. But it’s usually worth a try.

    • Ah yes, I am guilty of that myself. Customer service is becoming a thing of the past and I refuse to let that happen. At least where I give my money that is. So far they have all responded appropriately and I am still their patient/customer. But if I experienced your situation, that Dr would be my EX as well.

  4. People just don’t get it. They should be trained to assume that it’s hard to achieve a pregnancy and the answer to that question is none of his business.

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