Eating during the first trimester, is a chore.  Every single day I grapple with what the heck I want to eat.  I can barely figure out what I want to eat for breakfast let alone thinking about lunch or dinner.  I can’t plan in advance or make leftovers because the next hour I may be totally sick of the food I just ate.  I do have one routine though.  Every morning Monday thru Friday, I have to have a fresh bagel and a packet of cream cheese from the local store.  Yes I have cream cheese at home but that cream cheese doesn’t look good.  And yes I have english muffins, bread and bagels but those don’t look good either.  So not only am I wasting time and creating more waste by not buying in bulk, but I’m wasting money.  And lunch is the same way.  I have plenty of food at home to bring, which I usually do but right now, not one single thing in that frig appeals to me.  And to top it off, my husband has not felt like cooking lately.  He does pretty much all of our cooking so I’m not complaining that he wants some time off (oh p.s., he cooks because he has the time, otherwise I would cook, just to get that straight :-)) but putting me in charge of dinner while suffering morning sickness is not a good idea. 

Here is an idea of what I have subjected my husband to eating while under my watch.  Pizza.  I ate pizza three days straight for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  My husband finally gave up after one night and fended for himself.  Another night, I decided I HAD TO HAVE fried chicken.  Not the kind you make at home or the kind you buy at KFC (I hate KFC) but it had to be from Stater Bro’s.  My husband doesn’t really like fried chicken so he ate a piece but then went back to the frig to find something else.  The next night I HAD TO HAVE blueberry waffles, so I ate my waffles as my husband looked on in disgust at the 6 waffles I put down.  Little did he know I ate 6 pieces of fried chicken two nights earlier but he only saw me eat two pieces as I devoured the rest while “cleaning up” :-).  Oh and lasagna.  I actually felt like making something healthy but three days later, I was getting the look of “haven’t you had enough lasagna yet”.  Nope not yet.  Well actually now I have and don’t even want to look at another lasagna, but the other day I hadn’t.

This pregnancy is different in so many ways which is good, I just hope hitting that 13-14 week mark still brings the same results as last time with my healthy appetite returning and my nausea subsiding.  I’m ready for variety again.

4 responses to “Food

  1. you made me laugh 🙂
    and think of the pregnancy budget… something to consider – lunches out every day!

  2. I could eat nothing during my first trimester! I ended up losing 6lbs! But it got better thankfully! I hope it gets better for you too.

    PS: thanks for dropping by my blog.

  3. Haha I think we’re having parallel pregnancies! I made my husband pull over the other night on our way home from a wake. We passed a supermarket and I said “WAAAAAAAIT STOOOOP! I need watermelon and cheddar dogs!”

    The watermelon was just for show though.

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