The HB has increased from 140 to 167.  I like the visualization of that.  This time the U/S tech is using words like, “the baby is cooperating very well today” and “oh wow, it’s in just the right position” which leads me to believe, this might be a girl.  Last time, my son was so uncooperative during U/S’s that I knew before we even found out his gender that it was a boy.  Why?  Because my husband hates Dr’s and when he does have to go to one, he is very uncooperative.  Just to give you an idea of how uncooperative he is, I was having a laparoscopy done and during my surgery, I made my husband an appointment to get a physical and all his blood work needed for starting IVF treatment.  My Dr. was like, you don’t want him waiting for you to get out of surgery.  And I said Doc, if we want to proceed with IVF, this is my only chance to get this blood work.  Since he was already at the Dr’s office he agreed to get the blood work done but otherwise, he would not have gone.  So frustrating.  But back to my point.  I don’t know for sure that this one is a girl but since she is cooperating during the important times, it is either a girl or a boy with my disposition instead of my husbands and I like that :-).

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