I think I know what my problem is.  The only action my vagina is getting these days is from an extra lubed vaginal wand.  Not what I call a good time.  Until I get clearance from the specialist, we are on a strict, no nookie policy.  As if our catered to IVF sex life wasn’t already screwed up, now it’s on hold for potentially 9 months.  Not the sort of outlook a girl like me is keen with.  So what does that mean, it means no stimulation whatsoever.  No oral sex, no playing with boobs, no orgasms (even in your sleep), no vibrators, no dry humping, nothing, on me that is.  Of course my OB had to elaborate on what “no sex” meant because I all I heard was “no sex” and didn’t really get her point.  And what did I say to her elaboration, “oh”.  I mean what am I going to do, fight her on it.  Absolutely not.  My husband and I want the same thing at the end of this 9 months and if that means we have to be “roommates” with only one of us getting any benefits, then I guess that’s what we do.  It’s like I’m trying out to be a nun with no intention of ever being one.


6 responses to “Cranky

  1. that’s really sucky…
    but you’ll look back and it will be all worth it, I guess

    • Yes that is my hope :-). I’m also hoping for short term memory loss to kick or maybe long term memory loss since this process has taken so long. EIther way, I’d be happy to put this behind me for awhile.

  2. 9 months with no nookie would be enough to drive anyone insane. Hoping you have a spectacularly successful pregnancy that makes it worth it.

    ICLW #6

  3. Ugh. It is tough. I was on pelvic rest (no sex) throughout my pregnancy. Again, it’s tough.

    Wishing you the best!

  4. Hi there… I came across your site in my quest to have a baby. I felt like I was reading a blog that represented my life and feelings of IF. You made me laugh and sympathize. I am currently in my first FET waiting period after a M/C via IVF and an ectopic pregrnancy. Looking forward to hearing about your pregnancy (good and bad stuff!) ; )

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