I graduated

Well, I graduated from the RE’s office and am off to my OB.  Doesn’t have the same excitement as a real graduation though, especially since I still have 222 days to go.  Although I am glad to be done with the RE, I’m not a huge fan of the OB office.  At least at my RE I wasn’t surrounded by pregnant women.  Just women like me.  Now I’m surround by big bellies, lots of babies, kids and toddlers, husbands who think its ok to eat huge ass sandwiches while waiting for their wives (hello morning sickness dip shit), and just happy & excited not a care in the world pregnant women.  That’s not me.  I just want to be left alone and to hide out for 9 months and then miraculously show up with my baby.  Time to snap out of my fantasy world and face reality.

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