March of Dimes

I made it.  This year I decided to form a team and raise money in support of MOD and in memory of my son.  In retrospect, it was probably too soon for me to attempt this sort of thing but my team raised over $1700 and I didn’t shed a tear, so all in all, it was ok.  At first I was hesitant to walk because I didn’t want to jeopardize this pregnancy but after several consults, I concluded it was ok and that if I was to miscarry it would not be from this walk.  Well, as my Dr. pointed out to me when he said physically I could walk but mentally I probably shouldn’t, he was right.  That night my back started to hurt and I instantly thought it was back pain due to a pending miscarriage.  Never mind the fact that I have a bad back and I knew exactly why it was hurting (too much exercise for my sedentary body at the moment) but I still started freaking out.  Now when my Dr first told me I shouldn’t walk because of the mental aspect, I was slightly offended as I’m not a “mental” person.  And he knows that.  I’m very level-headed, matter of fact, ok this one didn’t make it, what’s next, type of person.  But once my back started to hurt, I knew exactly what he meant.   Dangit!  After testing my back in numerous positions to convince myself it really was from just overexertion and not a pending miscarriage, I finally settled my ass back on the sofa and laid flat on my back all day only getting up to eat or use the bathroom.  After this fun-filled day I learned that I have now turned into a hypochondriac.  What’s next?

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