Ask and you shall receive

So originally they wanted to push my first U/S out for another week but I asked if I could come in at 6w3d and they said yes. I was an absolute wreck in the waiting room. First off, I heard them congratulate a woman for being pregnant with triplets. Now although I know my body could not carry triplets, I was pissed. In part because I want my whole family all in one swoop so I never have to come back to this stupid office again but in also because I had now been waiting for almost 30 minutes and was on the verge of tears. I had whole heartedly convinced myself that it was over. My symptoms had somewhat faded and although I knew better than to judge my pregnancy based on that alone, I was convinced. Maybe I was convinced so I wouldn’t be disappointed if nothing was there. Maybe I was convinced so that if nothing was there, I wouldn’t have a full melt down in the office and could at least get out to the car. Who knows. Well, there it was, a heartbeat. Granted it was small and we couldn’t measure how fast yet but it was there. And the sac was measuring exactly as it should, 6w3d. Now we wait, again.

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