Beta – 468

Well it has doubled appropriately, now we wait.  Since my beta’s rose so slowly, we had to push my first ultrasound out a few days just to make sure we don’t look too early for the heart beat.  I am trying to remain cautiously optimistic but of course all I can think is that something is wrong with the embryo since it got off to a slow start.  I’m hoping I’m wrong.  On the one hand, I want to take a breath of relaxation but until you see that heartbeat, you really can’t.  Well at least I can’t.  And given my past history, I won’t be relaxing until I am out of the hospital holding a heathy baby in my arms. 

Since I was convinced this was a chemical, I was actually at another RE’s office getting a second opinion when I got the call.  I admitted to the Dr my situation and he was still very helpful.  He still went through my records, offered suggestions for next time and gave me a few pointers to challenge my Dr on during this round.  It’s not that I am unhappy with my Dr, in fact I really like him, but 5 procedures later when we are still struggling to get this under control, it’s time to seek a second if not third opinion.  I walked away feeling very comfortable and with a renewed sense of hope in the system.  Hopefully we won’t have to go there anytime soon.  We’ll see.


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