Beta – 75

Well it’s not good but it’s not bad.  Ok, in my mind it is bad but I am trying to be cautiously optimistic.  There are so many stories out there with people who start out with low betas and end up with healthy baby in the end.  Some had twins!  I really hope I get to add to those miracles.  Since I can’t get my blood drawn on Sunday, I have to wait until Tuesday for another beta.  That is 4 whole days, yes 4, days I have to wait.  They want an easy calculation of 48 hours to make sure the numbers are doubling properly.  So, as long as  get a number over 300 on Tuesday, we are in business until my first u/s.  I think the worst part now is the wait.  No running, no weights, no strenuous anything.  What on earth am I supposed to occupy myself with.  I went for a walk, but since I can ‘t walk to fast or stay out in the heat too long, I just went for 15 minutes.  Now what.  The suspense is killing me.  And of course I can’t help but over analyze every single twinge I feel and inspecting my tp and undies for traces of bleeding.  I think I’m scared in that department from my first go with IVF.  Since I had a subchorionic bleed, I was always spotting the first 13 weeks  and it made me a wreck.  I can’t help but feel the same thing every single month we go through treatment.  THe other thing that has me worried is no implantation spotting.  No I know this isn’t a guarantee but it sure does make me feel better to get it.  Nothing with this one.  Just sore boobs, off and on cramping, hunger pains and thirst.  I can write off every single one of those to PIO so that doesn’t help much.  Just attach already and let’s move on little embie!

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  1. Hi! Here from ICLW. I’m sorry the betas are still so inconclusive… Did you have a third one on Tuesday? I hope the numbers went in the right direction (and you have to cancel all your trips for a good reason). Hang in there.

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