Beta – 39

It is almost identical to my last chemical and of course they want me to re-test in 2 days just to make sure.   I’m just ready to move on at this point.  Of course I can’t help but scour the internet for those who got low beta’s that turned into viable pregnancies but I already know that mine is gone.  Once those pregnancy symptoms disappear all together, no amount of praying or hoping is going to bring that pregnancy back.  It just puts a damper in my schedule and my next round.  Oh well.  I guess it gives me a little more time on those second and third opinions.  This next round is it for us until my husband can get a job.   Since we originally qualified for the guarantee program, we got all our money back but now, I don’t qualify anymore and have to pay for a NON MONEY BACK plan and I only have enough for 1 cycle plus meds.  As if the stress of it working isn’t hard enough but to now be stuck with the stress of no more money is even worse.  I don’t have time to mess around with my low AMH so it really scares me.  I know stressing won’t do me any good but I can’t help it.  Well, back to researching.  I go in next week, or well as soon as my beta is 0, to get a 19 panel blood work up.  Wow, 19 vials.  I think I might need a juice transfusion at that point.

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