I Feel Nothing

So when I first started this whole process, I had every symptom in the book from all the drugs I took.  But now, 3 cycles of clomid, 3 IUI’s, 2 IVF’s and 3 FET’s later, I feel nothing.  No sore boos, no nausea, no fatigue, no headaches, no hot flashes, no ov pains, no cramps, no spotting, nothing.  Well, I guess that isn’t entirely true, I do have knots and bruises from my IM shots, but those don’t count because they are self-inflicted.  Now I know some would probably jump with joy over this but in my head it makes me think that this stuff is no longer working.  It’s like I’ve become immune to all this crap and it bothers me.  I want symptoms because having symptoms gives me the impression that it’s working and gives me hope that it’s working.  When you feel nothing, it makes the day go so stinking slow and all you concentrate on is trying to find something so you can move on to obsessing about that.  Come on drugs, give me something to work with here!

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