It Happened Again

An acquaintance of mine was 22 weeks pregnant with her first child through IVF and went into pre-term labor a few days ago and lost her baby.  I’m writing about this for awareness and to get the word out. 

One thing that really stands out during the birth of my son at 25 weeks was what the on- call OB in the emergency room said to me and my husband as he was asking if there was anything he needed to know about my pregnancy.  Now at the time I just looked at my husband and was like I don’t have time to read a novel to this guy so I chose to say, “We conceived through IVF” and the first words out of his mouth were, “Oh, well, women pregnant with a singleton through IVF usually go into pre-term labor”.  WTF.  At first I was so angry at him for even saying that and basically said well that’s nice but let’s figure out what to do then.  Shortly after my son was born and tucked safely into his incubator in NICU , I went to a computer and started doing research on his status being born so early (he unfortunately died 3 days later) and what the Dr. had told me.  Sure enough there is was on the MOD (March Of Dimes) website, 7 bullet points down.

Medical risks
Certain medical conditions during pregnancy may increase the likelihood that a woman will have preterm labor. These conditions include:

Again, WTF.  My RE who did my IVF never said anything to me about this.  My OB who knows my RE and my history never said anything.  The NP who was pregnant with her second child through IVF never said anything to me.  So again, WTF.  How can this be?  I printed off the material and tucked it away in my purse for my follow-up visit with the RE.   Long story short, I never really got an answer I was satisfied with so obviously I have taken that matter into my own hands for the future. 

However, given the fact that I now know another person this happened to, who by the way was not told this could be a problem either, I really wanted to talk about it in the hopes that it can prevent this happening to anyone else. 

For me, I plan on being a complete hypochondriac during my next pregnancy (hoping we can get there) and being a regular at the hospital.  I’m not taking any chances whatsoever and I’d like to see one Dr challenge me on it.  I had this conversation with my acupunturist and her thought was that the Dr’s didn’t want to scare anyone but she had seen this happen many times.   Well I don’t know about you but I would much rather have my Dr’s be overly cautious than not cautious enough. 

This past year, my husband, family and friends and have been very supportive to us and the March of Dimes .  We will be walking this year to honor my son and  to raise awareness about premature labor.  Please pass on the MOD link to anyone you know who might be at risk.

3 responses to “It Happened Again

  1. How awful. I’m so sorry for your friend.

    That is interesting though. I wonder why it is specifically singletons? Maybe it doesn’t raise the risk of premature labor in multiples because that risk is already elevated anyway, and the additional risk elevation associated with IVF isn’t significant, whereas with singletons it is? This was never mentioned to me before IVF either (though mine was a BFN anyway). I have a good friend who lost her IVF twins at 19 weeks and went into the hospital for preterm labor at 23 weeks with her singleton. Luckily, her second PTL story had a happy ending, and her little girl was born around 35 weeks and came home after a few days in the NICU and the step-down nursery.

    ((hugs)) to you and your friend for your losses.

    • Thank you for the hugs. I have not found one person yet who this was ever mentioned to. The only reason I stumbled upon it was because I went looking after it happened to me. I just hope that more RE’s are getting involved and looking into their research to prove or disprove their findings. Anything helps!

  2. I’m sorry for your friends loss – and for your own too (having just found your blog through ICLW, I read about your loss after I posted my previous comment).

    No-one ever warned me about this risk either! And in my case I proved it wrong with our son, who was conceived through IVF. He was born 10 days after my due date!

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