First Name Basis

So is it a good thing or a bad thing that the receptionist at my clinic knows me on a first name basis?  On the one hand it’s nice because it adds a little personal touch.  But on the other hand, it means I’ve been there far too long.  And as I sat there in the waiting room, not making eye contact with anyone, I hear more first namers come in too.  Now wait a minute, it would be my hope that there are not too many first namers in the room because that means one of two things:  Either the Dr’s office sucks, which is kind of hard for me to believe since they are one of the top clinics over here or the treatments just don’t work for some of us poor souls.  Awesome, I think I’m in that second category.  I don’t want to be a first namer anymore.  I want to move on and sit all comfy in the waiting room of my OB’s office with all the other happy pregnant people.  I don’t want to suffer from IF anymore.  I want to have a brood at home waiting to give me hugs and kisses when I walk through the door.  I don’t want……  Ok enough of that rant. 

On a side note, it appears as though my FET will get canceled today.  For some odd reason my body is deciding to ovulate on its own and ruin the whole process.  I’ve had 2 IVF’s and 2 FET’s and not once have I had this problem.  Guess there’s a first for everything.  Trying to end positively, they said we could still have sex and try naturally.  Oh yeah!!  Another natural cycle!  As if the last 3 years, 3 months and 21 days hasn’t been enough.  Oh shoot, there went my positive ending!

4 responses to “First Name Basis

  1. Hi, there! Stopping by from ICLW. Maybe the receptionist at your clinic is just one of those people who is good with names. 😉 I wish you the best, and I’m so, so sorry your cycle may be cancelled. Hugs and baby dust!

    • I wish. Considering I have been going there since December of 2009, it is appropriate that she knows my name. Otherwise, I’d be ticked that she didn’t :-). Hopefully this year will be our year to move on to something better than this!

  2. I read the page about TCM and feel so sad for your loss. My brother was born at 24 weeks and only lived for a couple of hours. My parents tried again and the next child, also a baby boy, was also born premature but at 28 weeks. He is turning 12 this year. I really wish you success in your TTC journey.

    By the way, we just changed clinics in February and all receptionists at the new RE already know our first names, but at the clinic where we were for the previous 2 years I was just a number, so go figure…

    • After hearing your experience, I would much rather have them know my name than be a number. I think you made a wise decision in switching. Are you doing acupuncture during this next IVF? I’m on the fence with itin regards to making a difference with success rates but do find at times it is very realxing. Thank you for your kind words and hang in there.

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